Title: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoBiCLE

Author: CLAMP

Published: 2003

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Drama

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Verdict: Middle school and up.


Childhood friends Princess Sakura and Syaoran, the son of an archaeologist, become entangled in a series of events that force them to traverse through alternate realities on an action-packed and unforgettable adventure! In the Kingdom of Clow, an archaeological dig unleashes an incredible power, causing Sakura to lose her memories. To save her, Syaoran must follow the orders of the Dimension Witch and travel alongside Kurogane, an unrivaled warrior; Fai, a powerful magician; and Mokona Modoki, a curiously strange creature, to retrieve Sakura’s dispersed memories! But first, there is a price to be paid … 

From Kodansha: https://kodanshacomics.com/series/tsubasa-omnibus/


Inappropriate Language: “Pieces of crap” “What the hell” “Dammit!”

Violence and Gore: Corpses after an unseen battle lie in puddles of blood.

Sex and Nudity: None present.

Drugs and Alcohol: None present.

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