Black Butler

Title: Black Butler

Author: Yana Toboso

Published: 2006

Genres: Action, Mystery, Historical, Supernatural

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Verdict: High school and up.


Just a stone’s throw from London lies the manor house of the illustrious Phantomhive earldom and its master, one Ciel Phantomhive. Earl Phantomhive is a giant in the world of commerce, Queen Victoria’s faithful servant…and a slip of a twelve-year-old boy. Fortunately, his loyal butler, Sebastian, is ever at his side, ready to carry out the young master’s wishes. And whether Sebastian is called to save a dinner party gone awry or probe the dark secrets of London’s underbelly, there apparently is nothing Sebastian cannot do. In fact, one might even say Sebastian is too good to be true…or at least, too good to be human…

From Yen Press:


Inappropriate Language: “What the hell” “Bastards” “Don’t fuck with” “Who the fuck”

Violence and Gore: Someone spits out blood after being attacked. One character is roughed up while being kidnapped. Many characters are killed in a variety of ways, including being impaled by cutlery and dropped of cliffs. A character is shot many times throughout his head and body, with a significant amount of blood.

Sex and Nudity: None present.

Drugs and Alcohol: Wine is served at a party. A character is seen smoking a cigar. The drug trade is a plot point.

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